Brancheau Energy Solutions helps buyers sort through the complexities and confusion of the Texas energy market.

We’ll guide you through the steps it takes to choose a reliable, high-value electricity provider. We’ll create an energy strategy that addresses your unique use profile and budget goals—and we’ll help you find a provider who can deliver. Here are the steps in our energy-procurement process.

Understanding your needs and explaining the energy market

We’ll meet with you to listen to your goals and questions as an energy buyer. Based on your needs, we’ll review the Texas energy market, including structure, pricing options, pricing trends and renewable energy options. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions as we review provider options.

Reviewing your current energy use and billing

Using load information from your TDSP, we’ll analyze your energy consumption during the last 12 months. We’ll also review you recent energy supply agreements and utility bills to ensure the accuracy of rate schedules, utility meters and tax rates.

Developing a customized energy strategy

We’ll work with you to identify your energy priorities—from price stability and lower rates to green options and other factors. We’ll review your risk tolerance, budget requirements, timeframe, contract terms and conditions, pricing mechanisms and other important factors. Based on what we learn, we’ll develop a customized strategy to guide procurement.

Managing the procurement process

We’ll design, plan and execute an efficient procurement process. We’ll collect and ensure the accuracy of your electricity use history and format the data for review by potential suppliers. We’ll identify and pre-qualify suppliers based on financial stability, service record, contract terms and conditions, and other factors important to you. We’ll develop and distribute a request for proposal, secure credit approval and review contract terms. Based on final proposals from suppliers, we’ll present an easy-to-understand bid comparison and recommend the supplier who can best meet your needs. Once the contract is signed, we’ll work with you and the supplier to ensure a smooth transition and on-time delivery.

Reviewing your monthly bills and helping resolve any service issues

Once service has begun from your new supplier, we’ll stay involved to make sure you’re receiving the value and service you contracted for. We’ll review your monthly bills and act as your advocate if issues arise. We’re always available as a convenient interface between your electricity provider and you.

Providing energy-market updates and budgeting support

We’ll provide weekly updates on the state of the Texas energy market, including pricing. When it’s time to develop or review your energy budget, we’re here to help.

Offering additional services at competitive rates

With our vast experience we also offer the following services at competitive rates—energy audits, power factor studies and correction, energy management system installation, and utility facility location coordination. For more information about these services, please give us a call at 972-978-0195 or email us.