At Brancheau Energy Solutions, our goal is to deliver maximum value for your energy dollar.

With more than 30 years of experience in the electric utility industry, we have the knowledge and skill to guide you through the energy decision-making process and determine the best fit for your business.

We work with commercial clients in a wide range of sectors—from school and government to retail, industrial and more. We also provide high-value energy options for residential customers.

Because we’re independent consultants, we have the flexibility to compare the entire range of companies providing electrical service in your area. We do the legwork and present you with a thorough analysis and recommendation. We’ll show you how contract length options can work in your favor and help you create more accurate energy budgets. Read our comprehensive step-by-step process.

And after the contract is signed, we’ll stay by your side to resolve issues and audit your bills to make sure you’re receiving optimal savings.